Alonso Bedolla began his route as a Industrial Designer, which gave him the technical tools and 3 dimensional vision that were the base for his new ceramic work. As an artist/designer he looks to accentuate the attributes of materials and processes to purposely fulfill visual and physical needs.

His latest project, Lighted Sculptures involves the interaction of semi reflective and opaque material and a light source. Light is used as the element to enhance the positive and negative spaces in the sculpture. The glazes are made to reflect the light and to accommodate the diffraction of the light source. The body is a porcelain wheel thrown vessel, and then altered by cutting, manipulating, adding and subtracting to serve as the forefront volumes in the piece, as well as determining the flow of light through the sculpture. The intent is to have a piece that is not demanding on external light to be appreciated and in turn provides its own light that it interacts with.

Please feel free to contact Alonso at or 713 724 1807. Studio visits are welcomed.