Lighted Sculpture 

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Alonso Bedolla began his route as Industrial Designer, which gave him the technical tools and tridimensional vision that were the base for his second training, as a self-taught painter. Both professions blend in his work, where he emphasizes composition work. Some of his paintings can turn and change position at will, because he has achieved the component effect on its four frontal angles.

He creates his own materials for his work, starting from the mounts, ceramics, especially created to be used as appliqués, as well as pigments mixed with resins and other compounds that attain many reliefs, textures and brightness in the middle of his big sizes, creating attractive and challenging visual effects. Every detail is supervised carefully while integrating all the elements.

His presence in the artistic world turns him into a pictorial, purified craft, art preserver, motivated by lyrical abstracts and the most conceptual minimalism.

Nuria Rangel / art historian